A workshop accompanies the research throughout its course. This workshop is designed for professional artists as well amateurs that show a real interest in exploring the body and its movement. The aim of this workshop is to develop a personal movement language unique to each individual, which springs from the enjoyment of moving and evolves with the exploration of the abilities and the limits of one’s body and personality. The participants are encouraged to create their own personal training through a series of shared exercises that will eventually differ from each other as a result of the development of the workshop.

The aim is to awaken “l’Autre” which exists in each person.

The workshop has already taken place in:

June 2008 – S.N.D.O. – Amsterdam
April 2009 – Chez Bushwick – New York
July 2009 – Ginasiano Escola de Dança – Oporto
September 2009 – Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea de Cochabamba – Bolivie
November 2009 – ADAGE – Centre de formation pour danseurs – Bordeaux


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