l'autre - Claudio Stellato. Le projet.

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Claudio Stellato and Martin Firket

This performance is the fruit of three years of research spent investigating the relation between body and object. This investigation generated a specific movement language, which evolves through the development of an unusual character and its relationship with the objects that surround it.

Everything happens in a dark, mysterious universe in which the scenes deceive the eye of the audience. We are taken into a world where the body dares to go beyond its boundaries, where the laws of physics are challenged, and space and time are bent. A world that belongs to l’Autre in which the things that happen seem impossible and the artist plays tricks on the eye, imagination and minds of the audience.

We witness a twist of reality, where inanimate objects come to life, thanks to hidden mechanisms, challenging our concept of normality. These objects are autonomous actors, moving independently, out of our rational control, and interacting with a body on an equal level. In this scenario, body and objects intertwine, fight, and speak to each other, alternating moments of quiet with unexpected turns of events, looking for stillness in the chaos.

We are plunged into a universe in which things follow their own rationales, their landmarks. What we see revealed on stage are a part of the human nature that is familiar to us, and one which is so surreal that we fail to make full sense of it. This experience feels familiar even though we do not live it directly nor have the tools to decipher it.

‘L’Autre’ incarnates a part of ourselves, which is innocent, ingenuous, oblivious to the world outside and free to act on its impulses; l’Autre is the craziness we carry inside, it is confusion and instincts, a mixture of twisted logics and genuine feelings, a child in an adult’s body.

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